John Squires Should Call Out BS Reviews of Get Out

John Squires at Bloody Disgusting has a good article decrying fawning reviews of Jordan Peele’s Get Out. Squires sees these reviewers as fundamentally misunderstanding the horror genre and its history of social commentary and satirism:

What’s so frustrating about these articles, as a longtime horror fan, is that social and political commentary has been an inherent aspect of the genre since the very beginning – much to the surprise, apparently, of many horror fans, who have been insisting in the wake of President Trump’s inauguration that politics and horror should be kept separate. The flaw in this way of thinking is that politics and horror have been intertwined from the start; in other words, Get Out isn’t the first of its kind, it’s merely the latest in a long line of great horror films with something important to say.

Longtime genre fans frequently disdain mainstream attention and acclaim because it is so often outside of our experience of horror movies. Of course horror has had, and will always have, a strong thread of cultural criticism. To look down at that is elite, misinformed bullshit.

However, Squires does not link to any particular review in his piece and is speaking about a general feeling. This does a disservice to his argument. Which reviews does he see as a problem? Who is not understanding the genre and Get Out’s place in it? Call them out.

Update: He did.